Who Am I?

Not sure what goes here to be honest... Something about myself? OK...Born and raised in London, it was hard moving to Liverpool; new city, new people, new friends, but photography stayed with me. Living right around the corner from a Maccies has its perks, but also its disadvantages when you're trying to get fit for summer! What else?...I get around in a lovely blue Peugeot, still havent given her a name yet, but I'm 100% sure she's a she somehow.

Don't have any pets or kids just yet, but you could say I'm 'working on it'. I love Ballin' on the court with friends, dressing like a weirdo sometimes, and chicken wings that remind me of home...not the Caribbean, but London :) My friends and I are obsessed with E.4 comedies, and I hope to one day have my wedding day filmed exactly like The Office: Interviews, awkward camera zooms, the lot.

I'm a documentary style photographer, which is code for a "I DON'T GET IN THE WAY" photographer. I shoot wedding days from a distance, getting shots of people without their knowledge, which sounds very creepy, but when the family gathers round to look at those funny shots of the best man forgetting the rings or the bride stuffing cake in her new husband's face, things aren't weird at all. Even when it comes to your couples shoot, rather than standing in your faces telling you to "KISS NOW",  I stand at a distance and give you simple tasks to complete, like whispering something into eachother's ears, let the laughter burst forth, and get snapping. Check out my weddings to see what I'm talking about.

I shoot weddings because I feel like there is a need, and yearning for REAL wedding photos out there. I cringe at wedding photos from my friends stood side by side with painful smiles on their faces who wish they'd had a photographer take shots of them naturally, in the moment. I've picked up a camera to fill that need.

You've made it to my website because youre looking for a wedding photographer, and now you know all about me, what about you? Are you a bride that looks for natural shots? Are you a bride that doesn't care if your lipstick is a bit faded or your dress gets a little smudge on the hem? Are you a groom that's just focused on enjoying one of the best days of your life with your soon-to-be wife and nothing else? What are you waiting for? You know where to book!

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