The first of many…

This shoot on Formby Beach was a true testament to my style of photography. I hate posing couples just as much as they hate posing for me. This is also a testiment to the kind of brides that love my style.

The weddin day is about what?…show of hands?…who can tell me what the wedding day is about?…you at the back… YES!! The wedding day!!! Sometimes people get confused and feel like the wedding day is all about the photos. Yes, you want one of the most special days in your life to be documented forever, and I’M ALL FOR IT, it’s what I do, but many don’t realise that the best photos come from weddings where the bride and groom are just focused on having fun and enjying themselves. That photo of the bride letting loose on the dance floor with her besties screming at the top of her lungs. Do think that photo would exist if she was fussed about her dress looking crooked in the photos? I think we all know the answer to that one. The photo of the groom tearing up at the sight of his bride walking down the isle. Would that exist if he cared about looking goof for the photos? I think we all know the answer to that one as well.

With this anniversary shoot, Shannon and Tommy were the exact same people they were on their wedding day: focused on having fun, and that’s why i love shooting with them! That’s all I want for you as a bride and groom. When it comes to documenting your special day, focus on yourselves and your guests, and let me do the rest :)

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